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2N, An Axis company, is an industry-leader engaged in the development and manufacture of access control systems including audiovisual IP intercoms, IP answering units and IP access control units. Since January 2018, 2N and Axis Communications have joined forces in the US and Canada to offer solutions for a smarter, safer world.

Model: 2N Indoor View

2N® Indoor View. The main feature of the 2N® Indoor View answering unit is a 7” touchscreen with a wide viewing angle.
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Become Expert at 2N and Milestone Integration in 8 Minutes
Posted on Monday, November 25, 2019

Don’t waste time! We have prepared a new video to let you master the settings for integrating 2N with VMS Milestone XProtect in no time at all.

An integrator recently said to us in a chat: “hey, I need to integrate 2N with Milestone XProtect.”

Our answer was: “Hello. This integration is described in detail on the FAQ page. It is not difficult.

The integrator’s reply was: “hmm, that’s long. do you have a video for it?”

Because you are the centre of our universe and we know how precious your time is, we got to work straight away and created a video.

In the video, you will learn how to set up the XProtect system to remotely open a door with one of our intercoms. Click by click, we demonstrate setting up a video stream from the intercom to XProtect. We also show you some more advanced functions. For example, integrating the 2N® Access Commander with Milestone XProtect to display access-related events in one interface together with live video.

Integration is a piece of cake with our new video tutorial, and you don’t even need to be an experienced programmer.

Take a look at the video right now and become an expert at 2N and Milestone XProtect integration.