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2N, An Axis company, is an industry-leader engaged in the development and manufacture of access control systems including audiovisual IP intercoms, IP answering units and IP access control units. Since January 2018, 2N and Axis Communications have joined forces in the US and Canada to offer solutions for a smarter, safer world.

Model: 2N Indoor View

2N® Indoor View. The main feature of the 2N® Indoor View answering unit is a 7” touchscreen with a wide viewing angle.
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Are You Being Inundated with Residential Projects but Don't Have Solutions For Them?
Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Are You Being Inundated with Residential Projects but Don't Have Solutions For Them?

You lose customers and a lot of money with every residential project you never get to execute. What can you do to fix this situation? You need to go back to school!


Well, at least a virtual school. Register free of charge for our latest sales webinar starting in a few days’ time! You will get some great insight into current trends and the demands of the residential market.

You will also find answers to all of those burning questions you have been wondering about for so long. What does the current situation on the market for residential buildings look like? What are the most common customer demands? Which specific products from the 2N portfolio are best suited for certain projects? And of course, there will be much more than that.

Training sessions are performed by our seasoned sales professionals. Set aside half an hour and leave your dictionaries in the drawer, because we also offer training in English, French and Czech. Training has already been provided in Spanish, German and Italian, but the next round of training sessions will soon follow.

Did you know that 2N regularly organises online technical training where you can learn about all the details of our products? Training is provided in several languages, and you can ask about all of the things that interest you. So don’t hesitate to become an expert in our products!