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First Installation Of A 2N® Indoor View Answering Unit

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First Installation Of A 2N® Indoor View Answering Unit
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First Installation Of A 2N® Indoor View Answering Unit


The redevelopment of an older house near Munich led to the creation of an expansive villa which features modern equipment. The redevelopment applied state-of-the-art technology to create a pleasant and safe place to live while also giving its residents the enjoyment and comforts of intelligent housing. From this viewpoint, the client also emphasized the luxurious design of individual elements that would fit into the exclusive look of the new interior. The owner therefore decided to contact a local integrator and our partner Andreas VSH Medientechnik Furtner GmbH & Co. and asked them to prepare a solution for an access system which used IP network technology.

The newly redeveloped house required a modern access system that would secure the entrances while acting as a luxurious component of the building as a whole. Based on these requirements, a 2N® IP VERSO modular intercom equipped with a hidden HD camera and Bluetooth reader was installed at the main entrance door. This allows the residents to easily open the door using a smartphone installed with the 2N® Mobile Key app. More compact intercoms from the 2N® IP SOLO line were installed at the other two entrances. The owners can also use the 2N® Mobile Video app to communicate with visitors through the intercoms remotely – allowing them to speak with visitors from anywhere around the world. As counterparts to the door intercoms, the owners decided to install two types of corresponding units. In the living areas (bedrooms and living rooms), 2N® Indoor View premium units equipped with 7" HD touchscreens and featuring wide viewing angles and hardened glass surfaces were installed. In standby mode, the units also display the current weather forecast. The social and relaxation areas were equipped with three elegant units from the 2N® Indoor Compact line. All corresponding units allow users to intuitively accept calls, open doors, display missed calls and activate silent mode. Garage doors are linked to the external intercom via a security relay so that they can also be easily opened using the 2N® Mobile Video app.


The redeveloped villa was equipped with a luxurious and user-friendly access management system. Thanks to their timeless design, all units beautifully complement each other and contribute to an exclusive house with an extraordinary atmosphere. The new corresponding 2N® Indoor View units will draw attention through their colour touchscreens and provide perfect overviews of all visits, including logs of missed calls. The 2N® Mobile Video service then provides residents with constant access to the house’s systems, regardless of where they currently are. The owners were satisfied with how easy it is to control the system and its reliability, which guarantees the security of this dream house.