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Sacre Coeur equipped with Czech intercoms by 2N

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Sacre Coeur equipped with Czech intercoms by 2N
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Sacre Coeur equipped with Czech intercoms by 2N


Two brand new residential complexes have been built in the centre of Prague under the name Sacre Coeur, offering a total of 188 modern residential units and 4 commercial premises. Both residential complexes have won awards in local and international architectural competitions. The safety of the tenants and owners was a clear priority, but the design of the access control system also had to fit the project. In the end, with the help of our partner ARYKA IN-WEST, products by 2N were chosen and installed.


Systemic solution


Affordable price

Sophisticated products with attractive functionality

Long-term reliability


A top-of-the-range 2N® IP Vario intercom was installed at each of the entrances to the complex with a camera, display, mechanical keypad and RFID card reader. To enter the building, tenants simply have to place their card against the reader. Visitors can choose whether to look for the person they are visiting on the display or call reception by pressing a button. A 2N® Indoor Touch answering unit has been installed in all of the flats, to which the call from the intercom is connected.

Thanks to the intercom camera and the 7” display on the 2N® Indoor Touch unit, residents can see who is standing at the door, talk to them and open the door for them remotely. The whole system is remotely managed by the 2N® Access Commander system, which can be used to set access rights for all 2N intercoms in one go.


Thanks to their design, the 2N® IP Vario intercom and 2N® Indoor Touch answering unit complement the character of the residential complexes. End customers are happy with their simple operation and high level of reliability, which guarantees their safety. The administrator is just as happy, being able to manage the whole 2N access system with the help of 2N® Access Commander. 2N® Access Commander is a well-designed system that allows the status of devices in the access control system to be monitored in real time. The administrator is thus immediately aware of any fault and can quickly remedy the situation. A camera system has also been installed in the residential complexes, which can be connected to the 2N system in the future.