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An Intelligent Access System from 2N Is Now Protecting a School Building

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An Intelligent Access System from 2N Is Now Protecting a School Building
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An Intelligent Access System from 2N Is Now Protecting a School Building


The school building in Prague-Troja is used by three institutions – an elementary school, a high-school and the local municipality offices. The building was using an outdated access system that began to malfunction and it was time for a change. The first requirement was to resolve access for all three institutions, enabling separated entry points and creating individual zones and restrictions related to the time of day. The next goal was to improve access to the school with video control. The last important requirement was an option to accept both special access cards, as well as ID cards from public transportation or student ISIC cards.


IP video and a simple USB reader for RFID cards

All three institutions accept a separate group of contacts

Access limited according to both group and time

Easy control of access by both students and teachers

An option to restrict access to non-public areas of the school


The building has a total of three entries, used by three different institutions. While the main entry provides access to the high-school, using networked video intercom with an RFID card reader and a 2N® Access Unit, the elementary school uses only video with the 2N® Helios IP Verso intercom. The side entry to the gym is used by the general public after school hours. It’s maintained by the municipal offices and uses a 2N® Access Unit (RFID) without voice communication.

The system operates in three zones with 11 time profiles pre-programmed and based on existing experience. It enables video-calls to IP video-telephones to the Director’s office and administration. The system currently registers over 600 users and is managed using 2N® Access Commander software. All three institutions are maintained under one account and visitor access to individual zones was established using public transport and other ID cards.


The overall level of security in the school increased. Visitors are seen by responsible personnel through their IP video-phone, so they can easily decide whether or not to grant access– and all this from the comfort of their office. The municipality issues its own access only to the gym and nowhere else, therefore preventing access by unauthorized person to the school complex. This ability to overview the presence of students and working hours of the teaching staff improves the quality of pedagogical services.