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2N protects Budapest

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2N protects Budapest
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2N protects Budapest


Budapest, one of the largest cities in the European Union with 1,8mil. inhabitants and annually visited by more than 2,5mil. tourists, recognized a need for permanent protection of its citizens and visitors. The local project owner adressed Young B.T.S. Kft., a company specialized in business communication systems and our long term partner, for an emergency points network solution.


Indestructible, distinctive coloured emergency pole with a well audible intercom speaker

Powered from traffic lights

Enhanced security within the city of Budapest

IP based network immune to phone line disconnection in case of public attack


The Budapest Safe City reconstruction project launched in 2014 with the aim to get the city under permanent safety control. It sought a line of highly visible antivandal SOS poles that would immediately call for emergency assistance with the press of a single button. Emphasis was given particularly to the poles and assistant centre interconnection. The regular GSM network was not suitable as it could be switched off in case of terrorist attack.


The 2N® Helios IP Safety product, supported by SIP protocol, was installed into distinctive orange emergency poles. The poles were designed and manufactured by an integrator who was already trained and experienced in 2N products and technology. The power to the poles is provided by the existing traffic lights. Only a few months after implementation, the intercoms have transmitted over 2000 emergency calls with 85% relevance. By the end of 2016, the total amount of the installed poles was at 150 pieces