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Zuellig Pharma Adds BYOD Meeting Room with QuattroPod

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Zuellig Pharma Adds BYOD Meeting Room with QuattroPod
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Zuellig Pharma is a giant in making healthcare accessible in Asia, with a world-class distribution network of almost 350,000 clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and modern trade outlets in 15 countries.

Zuellig Pharma invests in industry-leading logistics and delivery technologies to complement the world-class distribution to make healthcare available in every part of Asia.

To reach even the most remote areas of Asia, Zuellig Pharma has developed state-of-the-art warehouse facilities and cod-chain technologies for handling, storage, and transportation of temperature-sensitive products.

With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, Zuellig Pharma also invests in the latest productivity tools to improve team communication, collaboration, and efficiency around the world.

The need to improve meeting efficiency

From India, Japan to Australia, Zuellig Pharma’s healthcare operations spans 10,000 employees across 17 offices in 15 countries

Both internal and external communications are extremely important to make the multi-national enterprise operate at peak efficiency.

A typical bottleneck in daily operations includes restrictive cabling in meeting rooms, where the location of the projector and HDMI cable determine what device a speaker can use, and where he/she can sit.

Therefore, Zuellig Pharma Taiwan worked with GloryKylin to invest in the most user-friendly and secure BYOD presentation solution on the market, QuattroPod, to boost conference room efficiency.

What is QuattroPod

QuattroPod is a wireless BYOD meeting solution that allows the speaker to plug, click and cast wireless presentations to projectors quickly and easily.

Simply connect a QuattroPod transmitter to a smartphone or laptop, a simple click on the transmitter button can begin screen mirroring your smartphone or laptop wirelessly to a projector connected to a QuattroPod receiver.

Each QuattroPod transmitter is directly linked to a receiver via a secure wireless connection, thus maintaining enterprise-level security without compromising flexibility.

QuattroPod has advanced meeting administration features such as Host Control to control the order of presentations, and a split-screen mode to include up to 4 screens to display on one receiver simultaneously.

The combination of flexible usability and advanced meeting features make QuattroPod a perfect solution for enterprise meeting rooms.

Zuellig Pharma implements QuattroPod for wireless BYOD meeting rooms

Zuellig Pharma’s requirements in efficiency, flexibility, and security make QuattroPod an ideal solution to upgrade their meeting rooms with wireless BYOD.

The key conference room in Zuellig Pharma Taiwan contains a projector hanging from the ceiling pointing towards a screen.

By placing a QuattroPod receiver on top of the projector, and placing two transmitters on the table, the room is instantly transformed into a BYOD conference room.

From now on, the Zuellig Pharma Taiwan team can take advantage of QuattroPod’s BYOD meeting solutions to make wireless presentations from any smartphone or laptop.

Meeting attendees will never worry about the restriction of HDMI cables ever again.