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NTNU Implements Wireless Dual Screen Setup in EMBA Program

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NTNU Implements Wireless Dual Screen Setup in EMBA Program
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National Taiwan Normal University is an educational institution rich in academic achievements and deep in history.

Initially founded as a high school in 1922, while Taiwan was under Japanese rule, it later expanded into a college to train teachers in 1946, and finally a tertiary education institute in 1967, which it remained today.

NTNU is known for its excellence in developing the next generation of teachers and educators through its College of Education.

Such feat is recognized by Times Higher Education as the 23rd best university in the world in the field of Education in 2020.

An elite EMBA program that needs a better presentation solution

NTNU recently established an EMBA program which aims to create leaders by building competencies in Critical Thinking, Global Perspectives, Innovation, and Ethics.

A large oval classroom functions as the key lecture room where more than 30 students listen to lecturers share knowledge.

Despite the sophisticated circular conference desk arrangement adding to the regal ambiance, it also creates a circular audience that is difficult to cover with a single projector.

Therefore, it was up to JECTOR Digital System to provide a smart presentation solution to make sure every EBMA student can see the lecture material from any seat in the room.

An IFP with QuattroPod to create an interactive dual screen setup

JECTOR recommended a dual-screen system comprised of an additional interactive flat panel (IFP) opposite the existing projector, to cover all the viewing angles.

In order to synchronize the two screens, a QuattroPod solution is used to wirelessly connect the projector to the IFP.

The HDMI output of the IFP connects to the QuattroPod transmitter, while the receiver connects to the projector.

In such a setup, the IFP becomes the presentation source, where lecturers would use to make a presentation and annotate in real-time, and the IFP screen would be mirrored wirelessly to the projector via QuattroPod’s excellent wireless display technology.

“QuattroPod’s cross-platform, BYOD support allows the transmitter to plug, click and display the HDMI output of IFP,” said EZCast Pro Product Director, Stan Chen. “It creates a direct wireless link between IFP and projector to synchronize the two displays easily, without additional HDMI switch or cables.”

As a result, any lecturer can simply click to cast the IFP screen to the projector, and use the intuitive touch interface to run the presentation on a wireless dual-screen setup.

A wireless presentation tool built for interactive learning

Since each QuattroPod receiver can support multiple transmitters, EBMA students attending the lecture can use extra transmitters to project laptop and smartphone content to the projector.

“The EMBA program is a platform for not just lectures, but also for industry professionals to share information,” said Mr Chen. “The plug, click and cast nature of QuattroPod lets any student to quickly cast ideas to the projector to add value to the conversation.”

This way, each lecture becomes an interactive platform for both teachers and students to share ideas, and enrich the program in a unique way.